The Company

In the heart of the hills just north of the Lucca countryside, for five generations the Mugnani family has been quarrying a unique stone for its technical and aesthetic features, known the world over as Pietra di Matraia. Strolling through the narrow streets of the small village that gives the stone its name, we can discover and appreciate its main characteristics. Here, the roads, the walls enclosing the houses and villas, the architraves of the doors and windows, have for over 400 years continued to show the beauty of this stone that confers the ancient village that atmosphere of nobility and tradition typical of many Tuscan towns.

The Mugnani family extracts the stone from a family-owned quarry located in Cava Vecchia, utilizing systems that unite tradition and innovation, allowing to quarry a material that is renowned and highly regarded in all of Italy and in many European and extra-European countries for its quality. The activity of Mugnani S.r.l. develops in two distinct stages: an initial extraction stage of the stone that takes place inside the quarry at “Cava Vecchia”, and a second, processing phase that takes place at its laboratories located in Matraia and in Lammari.

It all begins inside the quarry where the material is extracted following systems passed down from generation to generation, integrated with modern machinery made available by the recent technological developments that have taken place in the field. Using diamond wire saws, regularly-shaped blocks are obtained and sent to the labs where special equipment turns them into sheets of varied thicknesses, or where skilled stonecutters turn them into components for internal and external furnishing and decoration.

The properties of Pietra di Matraia make it particularly appropriate for external decoration elements: benches, fountains, pavements. The consolidated collaboration with architectural and design studios has resulted in the creation of components for refined bathrooms or modern kitchens or warm and inviting hotel reception halls.